This is our 7500m2 workshop. In this workshop, we operate 8 different kinds of compression molding presses, with capacities ranging from 1250T to 2800T. Each month around 1000 tons of sheet materials can be produced.

    Our hydraulic press can perform compression molding on diversified composite materials. In order to ensure the product stability, it is completely computer-controlled to adjust time, pressure and temperature. Currently, we own 24 hydraulic presses with capacities ranging from 1000T to 2000T and a maximum dimension of 1250*2500cm. The production capacity reaches around 300 tons each month.

    The 12 CNC machining centers can run automatically to handle the insulation laminate materials of 3000mm by 1600mm in size, while enabling a precision of up to 0.1mm. Most importantly, it allows 4 axes to work simultaneously and perform complicated operations.

    For the purpose of quality control, we utilize 18 testing equipment pieces to check whether our products meet related standards in this lab.

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