Thermal Laminate
G7 fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber laminates exhibit excellent mechanical strength and resistance to electric arcs, and heat.

Phenolic Laminate
The 3021 series phenolic laminates deliver a relatively high mechanical performance and insulation property in average-level humidity environments. They are popularly used in transformers as well as motors and electric equipment.

Specialty Laminate
Most commonly used as slot wedges for motors, the magnetic laminates greatly improve motor efficiency, life, and reliability.

Molded Rod
Compression molded rods are ideal fire-retardant materials known for their extremely high mechanical strength, excellent electrical properties and humidity resistance.

Laminate Tube
These laminate pipes are highly recommended for structural components in mechanical equipment as well as insulation components for electrical equipment. Other popular uses include gear wheels and other precision-machined parts.

Fiberglass Profile
Fiberglass profiles exhibit high strength, excellent heat and corrosion resistance, and outstanding insulating property.

Heat-Resistant Composite
Heat resistant composites are made by treating fiberglass with epoxy resin. They are extremely strong and exhibit high dimensional stability over temperature, suitable for use on the hot press and injection molding machine to reduce heat and power consumption.

GPO3 insulating components are typically used on mechanical and electrical equipment, showing excellent electrical property under conditions of high humidity, outstanding mechanical performance at mid-level temperature, and good fire-retardant and arc-resistant characteristics.

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